Michael Baker

Michael Baker

Mike and Cyndi Baker Belton, TX Looking forward to being active in the LoneStarMagni Owner's Group

Taylor, TX to Lajitas, TX (Dec. 2016)

December 27, 2016 — January 25, 2017


Who flew:

Mike and Cyndi Baker – Gyro N848CG

Robert and Dayton Dabbs – Gyro N747KW

Texas is one of the most diverse, beautiful landscapes to see from a gyroplane. We took off from the flatland of Taylor (T74)  about 9:45 Tuesday morning and flew west and watched the terrain slowly rise as we approached the Texas Hill Country. After a fuel and lunch stop in Junction (KJCT) and a friendly ride to town by Mr. Bill, a wonderful 91 year old  WWII veteran, we continued west another 130 miles to a remote West Texas fuel stop in Terrell County (K6R6). There,  airport manager, CD Curry explained that the the huge runways, which looked like an abandoned scene from a Stephen King movie, were built in the 1930’s as a fuel and crew stop for giant Pan American Clippers that flew passengers from San Antonio to Los Angeles.  On our final leg, we climbed to about six thousand feet to clear the mountain range leading in to Lajitas (89TE) where airport manager Robert Farrell was waiting with an overnight hangar for our gyros and transportation to the Resort.   From the patio at the resort restaurant, we watched day fade away into night behind the mountains.  It had been a long, tiring, fun trip. We turned in for the night.

After breakfast Wednesday morning, the resort provided transportation back to the airport. After pre-flighting the gyros and loading our gear, we were in the air again for what would be the most spectacular part of our trip. Pilot, Mike Beavers, who knows the area well, volunteered to fly escort in his red Grumman to see the sites along the border. After takeoff, we flew southeast through canyons and cliffs of the Rio Grande, which separates the US and Mexico. The scenery cannot be described with words. It’s literally overwhelming.  

With another fuel stop 156 miles to the northeast in OZONA (KOZA), we then flew 131 miles east to Llano (KAQO) where airport manager (Runway Roy) provided transportation to our lunch stop at COOPERS BBQ – delicious as always. Our final leg from Llano to our home airport of Taylor (T74) was pleasant and smooth as we touched down about half an hour before sundown. As we rolled the gyros back into the hangars, it was unanimous – this was one of the best GyroTrips ever, where EVERYTHING came together as planned. Thanks for following! ENJOY THE JOURNEY. 




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