Dayton Dabbs

Dayton Dabbs

Family Vacation-GyroTrip – Broken Bow, OK (June 06, 2018)

June 6, 2018 — June 22, 2018

Dayton and his group flew over Broken Bow, OK  last year on their return flight from Oshkosh and described the scenery as the highlight of their trip. So, we’re planning a family gyrotrip on June 06 to see first hand, the natural beauty of this little lake in the hills of Central Oklahoma. Click on the ITINERARY graphic for details. Thanks for following! ENJOY THE JOURNEY

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Breakfast at The Black Walnut Cafe – KCXO – Conroe Sat – June 23, 2018

June 23, 2018 — June 28, 2018


It was quite a sight, seeing eight gyros lined up in front of The Black Walnut Cafe at North Houston Regional Airport in Conroe.  The group included three Magni M 16’s, two Magni M24’s, an Autogyro Calidus, an American Ranger, and an Autogyro Cavalon. It was a good time with friends, family, and fellow gyro pilots. Thanks for following. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!




Black Walnut Cafe at KCXO Airport in Conroe is the perfect spot for a GyroTrip breakfast. We’ll depart T74 Taylor at 7:30 AM, arriving in Conroe shortly after 9:00.  Setting aside an hour or so for breakfast and to watch planes take off and land, we should be back in Taylor by 1:00 PM. KCXO is class DELTA with two runways (14/32 and 01/19).  We can park on the ramp at Galaxy FBO, just outside the restaurant. This should be a good trip. Thanks for following. ENJOY THE JOURNEY! -Bob


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Palo Duro Canyon, TX (July 2018)

July 3, 2018 — July 11, 2018

Dayton will lead the way to the annual 4th of July Hangar Dance near Palo Duro Canyon. It’s about a 700 mile round trip from T74 Taylor.  Looking forward to good scenery and good time with flying friends. Contact Dayton if you want to join us.  Thanks for following. ENJOY THE JOURNEY! -Bob


UPDATE TUES – 07-03-18

I wasn’t feeling well on Monday, so Kathy and I were not able to make thePalo Duro trip. Here are a few pix as Dayton and the Bakers prepared to depart T74 – Taylor. 

NOTE: You won’t be able to track this trip since I normally have the spot tracker and we’re not flying. 

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Taylor, TX to Lajitas, TX (Dec. 2016)

December 27, 2016 — January 25, 2017


Who flew:

Mike and Cyndi Baker – Gyro N848CG

Robert and Dayton Dabbs – Gyro N747KW

Texas is one of the most diverse, beautiful landscapes to see from a gyroplane. We took off from the flatland of Taylor (T74)  about 9:45 Tuesday morning and flew west and watched the terrain slowly rise as we approached the Texas Hill Country. After a fuel and lunch stop in Junction (KJCT) and a friendly ride to town by Mr. Bill, a wonderful 91 year old  WWII veteran, we continued west another 130 miles to a remote West Texas fuel stop in Terrell County (K6R6). There,  airport manager, CD Curry explained that the the huge runways, which looked like an abandoned scene from a Stephen King movie, were built in the 1930’s as a fuel and crew stop for giant Pan American Clippers that flew passengers from San Antonio to Los Angeles.  On our final leg, we climbed to about six thousand feet to clear the mountain range leading in to Lajitas (89TE) where airport manager Robert Farrell was waiting with an overnight hangar for our gyros and transportation to the Resort.   From the patio at the resort restaurant, we watched day fade away into night behind the mountains.  It had been a long, tiring, fun trip. We turned in for the night.

After breakfast Wednesday morning, the resort provided transportation back to the airport. After pre-flighting the gyros and loading our gear, we were in the air again for what would be the most spectacular part of our trip. Pilot, Mike Beavers, who knows the area well, volunteered to fly escort in his red Grumman to see the sites along the border. After takeoff, we flew southeast through canyons and cliffs of the Rio Grande, which separates the US and Mexico. The scenery cannot be described with words. It’s literally overwhelming.  

With another fuel stop 156 miles to the northeast in OZONA (KOZA), we then flew 131 miles east to Llano (KAQO) where airport manager (Runway Roy) provided transportation to our lunch stop at COOPERS BBQ – delicious as always. Our final leg from Llano to our home airport of Taylor (T74) was pleasant and smooth as we touched down about half an hour before sundown. As we rolled the gyros back into the hangars, it was unanimous – this was one of the best GyroTrips ever, where EVERYTHING came together as planned. Thanks for following! ENJOY THE JOURNEY. 




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Lunch at Josephine Street Cafe – San Antonio

December 14, 2016 — December 30, 2016

Winter flying in an open gyroplane can be challenging.  But, the fun far outweighed the cold on this trip.  We flew just under the 2500 ft ceiling and navigated the 1 mile corridor that separates San Antonio Intl and Randolph AFB airspace to Stinson airport. CFS and Chopt steak at Josephine’s was like dinner at grandma’s. And, flying with Dayton is like having an insurance policy in the back seat. If you’re unsure of what to do – he’s right there with the answer. What a Day! This is what gyro flying is all about.  Thanks for following.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

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Taylor, TX to San Antonio (Thanksgiving Weekend 2016)

November 26, 2016 — November 30, 2016

That was a great trip, all in less than 24 hours. At the last minute, Dayton had some mechanical problems, so, only Kathy and I made the flight. Weather was good – chilly, but not cold. San Antonio was all lit up and not too crowded. If you go to San Antonio and want a nice hotel that’s comfortable and close to downtown, try the Best Western at Sunset Station. It’s located in a quiet, restored brick building, and is walking distance to everything at about half the price of the Riverwalk chains.

From now on, Stinson will be our airport of choice when flying in to San Antonio .  The terminal has been refurbished and they have Enterprise rental cars on site. Staff is friendly at the FBO and in the tower. It’s just much less stressful flying a gyro in to Stinson than the bigger airports.


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Taylor, Texas to Cameron, Texas (lunch at the 50’s Cafe)

January 12, 2016 — January 14, 2016

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Taylor, TX to San Antonio (Little Rhein Steak House)

January 8, 2016 — January 11, 2016

It’s gonna be a chilly flight! Dayton and I plan to depart T74 Taylor at 4:00 PM.

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Taylor, TX to Kerrville, TX

December 19, 2015 — December 20, 2015

Dayton needs to fly to Kerrville to demo the Magni for potential clients. I volunteered  N747KW for the flight, since his gyro is getting close to time for a rotorhead overhaul.  It will be a bit cold for the morning trip out, but should warm up for the afternoon return. Kerrville is less than 100 miles from Taylor, so it should be a fun flight.  Thanks for following.

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Lunch at Brenham Airport Cafe

November 14, 2015 — November 16, 2015

Note to Pilots: Dpt T74 Taylor at Noon.

Lunch at the Brenham Airport Cafe is always good – burgers, shakes, CFS, and fresh vegetables. It’s a short flight (about 60 miles) so we can easily make it round trip without refueling.  Weather is forecast to be sunny so it should be fun.  Thanks for following!

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