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5 thoughts on “Meet The Pilots with Robert Dabbs

  1. John Craparo says:

    The Dabbs Boys make it sound so easy. You should certainly take an introduction flight to get acquainted with this unique aircraft. The surprise you experience will not be one of fright, rather my bet is you will find it one of delight. I hope to see you somewhere between the crowds and the clouds! — John Craparo

  2. Ray Hancock says:

    Well done. The Dabbs men have influenced countless people towards gyros, and have built quite a community of gyro pilots centered at Taylor Texas. Now the addition of this media combination has increased the momentum, which will no doubt pick back up when the pandemic abates. Thanks! Ray

  3. GyroJohn says:

    Great story! Dayton looked like a baby in that pic! I remember my first exposure to gyros was at Sun-n-Fun in 1990…Dennis Fetters of Air Command was doing intros in his side-by-side for $20, and then I bought the VHS demo tape for $10. I had been a fixed wing pilot for 4 years by this point, and had been in helicopters, and I’ll never forget approaching the grass field how similar the approach felt to a helicopter approach. My older brother (the one with disposable income at the time) bought an Air Command and we spent some time training in Hamilton OH.

  4. 616EM says:

    Looking forward to joining you all on some upcoming trips. I am moving my M24 to the west side of Houston soon. Already planning trips to Taylor to fly with my daughter who lives in Austin.

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