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13 thoughts on “The Gyro Hangar with Dayton Dabbs

  1. dahill118 says:

    If you are a fixed wing pilot – DO NOT FLY A GYRO! Fixed wing flying will never again satisfy your need for flight. There is nothing closer to riding a motorcycle through the sky than flying an open Gyro. It is intense. It is beautiful. It totally absorbs you into a melding of the human spirit with the power of a machine that lifts and carries you above the earth with the sound of 100 mph wind racing by you on each side. It gives you the sensation of being 500 feet tall with the freedom to go anywhere you want. There is no offensive smell of a hot engine and electrical equipment always reminding you how isolated and separated you are from the earth below. In a Gyro you can smell the fields of grass and the blossoms of the fruit trees below, you giving you a greater sense of the just how wonderful the earth can smell. Hemmingway wrote in his masterpiece, ‘The Old Man & the Sea’ that old men dream of the lions, the sea, and beautiful girls. If had flown a Gyro he would have written about the old man flying over the beaches and spotting the lions and beautiful girls waving at him as he flew above them with the smell of the fresh salt air and the wind rushing by his side – all declaring just how alive the old man really is.

  2. Gyrofun says:

    Practical, informative and well presented gyro info and tips from Dayton. We are always looking forward the next one. We were very fortunate to be able to fly to the US and take classes with Dayton, have him in Costa Rica to test our new Magnis, and now to keep learning via the Gyro Hangar. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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