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Lake Hamilton – Hot Springs, AR (Aug 9, 2017)

August 9, 2017 — August 18, 2017

  • Number of Days: 3
  • Total Miles: 646


This trip was a good blend of flying, boating, and seeing the sites. We landed at Hot Springs Municipal Airport  about 7:30 Wednesday evening after dodging storms all day. Lookout Point Lodge was an exceptional place to stay, right on Lake Hamilton. We took to the lake on Thursday morning for Kathy to recapture her youth on the skis – lots of fun. We had to skip breakfast at the lodge Friday morning in order to outrun the storms that were moving in from the west.  We took off with about a 30 minute window before the storms hit Hot Springs. The weather improved as we flew southwest toward Texas. After a quick fuel stop in Winnsboro TX, we flew non-stop to T74 – Taylor where we touched down at 3:15 PM. Saltgrass Steakhouse in Round Rock was a welcome sight as our final stop on this fantastic trip.

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It’s about 700 miles round-trip from TAYLOR, TX (T74) to HOT SPRINGS, AR (KHOT).  We’ll fly up on Wednesday and stay at Lookout Point B&B, located on Lake Hamilton. On Thursday, we’ll  rent a pontoon and cruise the lake, then fly home on Friday. Click the ITINERARY graphic to see departure times and fuel stops.

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Lake Hamilton – gateway to the Ozarks

It’s about a 300 mile flight from Taylor to Hot Springs.



Day 1

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Taylor TX (T74) to Hot Springs AR (KHOT)

Miles flown this day: 323

Total miles flown: 323

Hot Springs National Park

Hayes tells Nan & Boono to fly safe and “bring me a toy”

Had to divert to Corsicana for weather to clear.

COMMERCE TX is about the halfway point en route to HOT SPRINGS.

Day 2

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day on the Lake and hiking

Miles flown this day: 0

Total miles flown: 323

She’s still got it!  Brings back memories of the Biloxi River back in the day.

Day 3

Friday, August 11, 2017

Hot Springs (KHOT) to Taylor TX (T74)

Miles flown this day: 323

Total miles flown: 646



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Robert Dabbs 10th of August 2017 07:28:52 AM

THURS 08-10-17 The flight from Texas to Hot Springs was challenging - low clouds, poor visibility, and... read more

THURS 08-10-17 The flight from Texas to Hot Springs was challenging - low clouds, poor visibility, and rain until we got to north TX. Weather cleared as we got closer to AR and we touched down in Hot Spring around 7:15. Sorry that SpotTracker is not working - just renewed subscription and I need to Enter new activation code. Good trip. Thanks for. Following.