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Taylor, TX to Thibodaux, LA (July 2016)

July 21, 2016 — July 30, 2016

  • Number of Days: 2
  • Total Miles: 700

Fremin’s restaurant in Thibodaux looks like a place where Hemingway might have hung his hat. The building has been there since the 1800’s. And, on Thursday – July 21, a comedian named MUTZIE is doing a show there.  Like so many GyroTrips,  getting there is half the fun.

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Getting Ready


The flight down  to Thibodaux will take us just north of Houston, then Lake Charles and Abbeville, LA. It’s about 700 miles round-trip.


Day 1

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Taylor, TX (T74) to Thibodaux, LA (L83)

Miles flown this day: 350

Total miles flown: 350

Thunderstorms can change everything in a GyroTrip.  And, that’s what happened  today in Louisiana . The flight had gone very well, with good weather and a lunch stop in Cleveland, TX. Everything was on schedule. Then with only 60-70 miles to go , thunderstorms moved in as I made my approach to ABBEVILLE, LA, my last fuel stop before THIBODAUX.  There was no good option for flying around the storms . So, I hangared the gyro at VECTOR AVIATION  and walked about a hundred yards and checked in to The Best Western. Kathy was already  in Thibodaux, waiting to pick me up, when I got grounded in ABBEVILLE. So, she drove  the 90+ miles from Thibodaux to Abbeville where she met me at THE RIVERFRONT GRILL.  It was disappointing, not being able to make it to FREMINS RESTAURANT and the MUTZI COMEDY show in Thibodaux.  But, with GyroTrips, one learns to expect the unexpected, especially weather.  In summary, the trip didn’t go as planned, but it went very well as unplanned.  Thanks for following! ENJOY THE JOURNEY

The flight suit is hot on the ground, but this time of year, it feels good at 2000 ft and help prevent sunburn.

Wearing the flight suit on the ground is hot in the summertime, but it feels good at 2000 ft and helps prevent sunburn.

I packed a lunch in a personal cooler from LL BEAN. That worked out really well, being able to eat in the air conditioned terminal at CLEVELAND MUNICIPAL AIRPORT.


Day 2

Friday, July 22, 2016

Thibodaux, LA (L83) to Taylor, TX (T74)

Miles flown this day: 350

Total miles flown: 700



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