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HOUSTON to FT WORTH (March 30, 2018)

March 30, 2018 — April 5, 2018


You never know what’s in store when you head out on a GyroTrip.  Dayton and I departed T74 – Taylor at about 7:00 AM Friday morning and flew down to KTME – HOUSTON EXEC to pick up Chandler. Weather was a bit chilly, but almost perfect. We departed HOUSTON EXEC for a 45 minute flight to KCXO – NORTH HOUSTON REGIONAL where we had a fantastic breakfast at THE BLACK WALNUT CAFE, located on the top floor of the Airport FBO. From Conroe, we made our way to KFWS – FT WORTH SPINKS airport, arriving at about 2:30.  Our rental car was gassed up ready when we landed.  We made it to  UNCLE JULIOS between the lunch and dinner rush and were able to kick back and enjoy good food and good company. Downtown FT WORTH was not too crowded which made for an unhurried walk around SUNDANCE SQUARE,  ending with drinks at the REATA rooftop bar and a steak dinner in the downstairs restaurant. 

We were up early SATURDAY morning and drove to MONTGOMERY STREET CAFE to plan the day over sausage, eggs and pancakes. Strong south winds were forecast  so we opted out of flying to LLANO and flew to T74 – TAYLOR for lunch with the FAM at HIT THE SPOT CAFE in Hutto.

About 4 O’Clock, Dayton headed north to McGregor to meet Brittny, I flew back to Houston to drop off Chandler. On the solo flight back to Taylor, I thought about what a blessed experience it is to be able to fly gyros across the country, experiencing food, fun and life with family.

Yes, this one was as good as it gets!

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We had a change of plan for our Gonzales, LA trip. Most of the restaurants in the New Orleans area are closed for Good Friday, including the one’s we wanted to visit. So, we decided to fly to Ft. Worth instead. We’ll fly down to KTME in Houston Friday morning, pick up Chandler, then fly to KCXO in Conroe for breakfast, then on to KFWS Ft. Worth. We’ll depart KFWS-Ft Worth around NOON on Saturday and make our way to Cooper’s BBQ in Llano. Weather looks good, so it should be a good trip.

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Sundance Square – Downtown Ft Worth

DABBS TRIO at Black Walnut Cafe – Conroe Texas Airport

BUCKEES TRAVEL CENTER – a must-stop on the Texas Interstate. We considered landing on the back lot, but decided to move on.
The obligatory self-shot with rotors overhead (even if I forgot to flip the picture)
Walking around downtown Ft. Worth at the Old Interurban Train Car.
Fort Worth early morning skyline




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Brook Benten 30th of March 2018 07:45:00 AM

The adventure has commenced! Saw and fun travels, you guys!

The adventure has commenced! Saw and fun travels, you guys!