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Taylor, TX to Ft Worth Zoo (Mar. 03, 2018)

March 3, 2018 — March 8, 2018


Clouds gave way to clear skies at about 9:00 AM Saturday. The flight to Ft. Worth was perfect, about 50 degrees with a tailwind from the southeast. Car was waiting when we landed at Ft. Worth Spinks and we were at the Zoo by 11:30. We wrapped up the zoo visit about 1:30 and were at Uncle Julios for lunch by 2:00. They serve a plate-full of food with chips, salsa, lobster, beef and chicken fajitas leaving plenty to take home. We departed Spinks around 4:00 PM with clear skies and about a 10kt southeast headwind. Once we passed Waco, the weather began to deteriorate and, by the time we were 20 miles from Taylor, it was pretty challenging.  The runway lights at T74 were a welcome sight. Like any GyroTrip, you deal with the doom, the gloom and the glory. At the end of the day, the gyro is in the hangar, we’re safe, and look forward to the next wheels-up. Thanks for following. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!


Ft Worth Zoo is rated number 5 in the country. This should be a fun day-trip with a little flying, the zoo , and Tex-Mex at Uncle Julios.  Kathy and I will be the only gyro on this trip –  flying N747KW. Thanks for following! ENJOY THE JOURNEY

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It’s about 120 miles from T74-Taylor to Ft. Worth Spinks.



I’m not lion!!!
We’ll stop by Uncle Julios for a late lunch, before we head home to T74.




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