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Taylor, TX to Thibodaux and New Orleans (Oct 2016)

October 8, 2016 — October 20, 2016

What a trip! The flight down to Thibodaux took us over swamp and marshland of south Louisiana. Fremin’s Restaurant in Thibodaux was every bit as good as we had hoped. Our cab driver “Bobby” had moved to Thibodaux from Chicago’s south side and had some colorful stories of his days on the road in the carnival business.  Shortly after take off from Thibodaux on Sunday morning, we could see the skyline of New Orleans, about fifty miles away. It was a special treat to see the Superdome and French Quarter from a thousand feet above the ground. Thanks to everyone at Lakefront Airport and Flightline First FBO who made our trip a lot of fun. After a nighttime ride on the Natchez Riverboat, it was time to head back to Texas. We made it just in time for lunch at the Southern Flyer Diner in Brenham before our final leg to hometown Taylor, Texas.  

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Here’s our flight plan from Taylor-to-Thibodaux. Then, Thibodaux-to-New Orleans. And, Finally, the trip home from New Orleans.

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The flight down  to Thibodaux took us just north of Houston, then Lake Charles and Abbeville, LA,  about 350 miles.




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