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GyroTrips TV

August 18, 2018 — August 31, 2020


The SCRIPT IS FINISHED and the STORYBOARD layed out for the first episode of GyroTrips TV.  COOPERS BBQ is the destination and will feature several Hill Country and Austin Area landmarks. Shooting is planned for this spring. GyroTrips TV is more than a TV show. Our plan is to build an online gathering place to share stories and information about the  freedom of flying modern day gyroplanes. Details coming soon…..

Thanks for following. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

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BAHAMAS (June 2019)

June 20, 2019 — July 31, 2019


THIS 9 DAY TRIP to the BAHAMAS will take us east to Mobile and  St. Augustine FL, then south to Ft. Pierce FL and across to the BAHAMAS to our destination of CAPE SANTA MARIA BEACH RESORT, located on LONG ISLAND, about halfway down the island chain. Right now, we’re asking anyone who might want to join us to send an email to so we can get a handle on how many people and gyros might be going. Click the ITINERARY graphic to see dates and waypoints. It should be fun! Thanks for following!  ENJOY THE JOURNEY




Who's Flying