About Us

When I was about twelve years old, I saw an ad in the back of Popular Mechanics for a flying machine called a Gyrocopter.  That small ad prompted a dream that, one day,  I would fly my own gyro.  But, that dream was put on hold, once I learned that gyrocopters, as they existed at the time,  were not very safe.

So, I turned my interest to helicopters and went on to become a private helicopter pilot. Helicopters are amazing aircraft with their ability to hover and land almost anywhere.  But, they also demand 100% of the pilot’s attention.   To the point, helicopters are more work than fun to fly. Plus, they’re expensive to fly and even more expensive to own.  Helicopters still left me searching for something with a rotor that was fun, safe and economical to fly.

It was around 2001 when I came across an article about a new generation of gyroplanes being produced in Europe.  There was a new look, a new feel, and new engineering.  The more I read, the more I liked. And, one name that kept popping up was MAGNI, a father & two son team nestled in the small town of Besnate, Italy, who had been quietly working to bring a new revolutionary safe gyroplane design to the marketplace.

Fast forward to today, my sons, Chandler, Dayton and I  became Magni Gyro pilots. Dayton went on to become the MAGNI dealer for the southeast USA and the youngest FAA designated pilot’s examiner for gyroplanes. Through his company, Lone Star Magni Gyro, based in Taylor, Texas, he accompanies new owners to Italy, where they build their own gyroplanes under the watchful eye of the Magni Family.

Which brings us to GyroTrips.com  This site is simply a way to share our gyroplane trips with friends and family.   By clicking on a trip from our homepage, you can see where we’re going, who’s flying, and enjoy pictures of each trip.

And now, when I’m flying along at a thousand feet above the ground,  I think to myself…

“What a Wonderful World”    

Robert “BOONO” Dabbs