Trip Overview

AIRPORT CAFES – Brenham and Llano, TX

June 22, 2016 — June 24, 2016

  • Number of Days: 2
  • Total Miles: 264

Three new MAGNI GYROPLANES received their FAA airworthiness certificates at LONE STAR MAGNI GYRO, INC in Taylor, TX on Tuesday – June 21.  We flew out to the Airport Cafe in BRENHAM, TX and  to Cooper’s BBQ in LLANO, TX to celebrate.

Trip Log

Getting Ready


Day 1

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Taylor, TX (T74) to Brenham, TX (11R) to College Station, TX (KCLL) then back to Taylor, TX

Miles flown this day: 140

Total miles flown: 140

Four Gyros took part in the flight  to the Airport Cafe in  Brenham. Dayton Dabbs and Lynn Wyatt flew Dayton’s new Red Magni M16. Doug Rhodes flew his beautiful new white Magni M22 and Mike Baker, who holds membership number 001 in the Magni Owners Club, flew the new Magni M16 club machine. I flew my dependable silver Magni M16. All total, we flew as a flight of (4) Magni Gyros.

After lunch, we flew about twenty miles north to do a fly-by of the new Football Stadium at Texas A&M University. The folks in the control tower at Easterwood Airport are always helpful and hospitable in guiding us through the College Station airspace.

Day 2

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Taylor, TX to LLano, Tx and back to Taylor

Miles flown this day: 124

Total miles flown: 264

Day 2 of our Gyro Lunch Express took us to Cooper’s BBQ in Llano, TX.  If you want the very best BBQ in Texas, try Coopers in Llano.  We were glad to have John Craparo join us in his World Record Setting Magni M16.  KathyD hopped in the back of my machine and added to the fun of the flight. In all,  five Magni Gyros made the trip. We appreciate the controllers at Georgetown Municipal Airport always making it easy to fly through their airspace. And when we touch down in Llano,  “Llano Larry” and the friendly folks at Llano Municipal Airport are always on hand to greet us . They even provide transportation from the airport to Coopers.

We appreciate your following    And if you’d like to go from following to flying, visit and see how easy it is to learn to fly modern day Magni Gyroplanes.


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